Services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and lifesciences companies and research organizations

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Scientific writing services (preclinical & clinical research)

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Life science and biotech industries live and breathe science. Whether you are part of the research team in a large pharmaceutical company, a small biotech or a CRO, you will need compelling scientific content to support drug development and successful marketing. We can help you to design and execute an unparalleled publication or report. Our expertise in preclinical translational research allows us to work directly with raw research data to maximize the value of your investment. However, if you only need revisioning and editing of an existing manuscript, we are happy to help.

Our Scientific Writing team has authored or co-authored 300+ academic manuscripts, abstracts and presentations. With this track record we are ready help you with the following: 

- Manuscripts for peer-reviewed scientific publications
- Preparation of effective presentations and abstracts
- Study reports
- Scientific meeting reports
- Investigator's Brochures (IB)
- Patent applications
- Investigational Medicinal Product Dossiers (IMPD)
- Study Protocols and plans
- IND applications (animal pharmacology & toxicology studies)

Did you know that we also provide Scientific Marketing services? Click on the "Inbound Marketing" tab to find out how we can help you engage your customers and create more business from science.

Business development and commercialization services

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Aurexel team includes life science professionals with extensive expertise from various positions in international pharmaceutical companies in Scandinavia, Germany and the USA. We also have consultants on the ground in both Europe and United States, all ready to help you grow your business internationally and assist you with a successful entry in the US. From market penetration coaching to targeted lead generation and setting appointments with potential customers.

Aurexel gives you an advantage when you need help in expanding you business to a new market. Many pharmaceutical consultancies claim to be experts in international business, but Aurexel Team has the experience and an unparalleled network of connections to back it up.

We can also facilitate research and licensing partnerships between academia, CROs, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, and create intelligence reports (business landscape analysis, competitor analyses, new business opportunities).

Inbound marketing and SEO-friendly scientific marketing

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Our world is drowning in information, yet we are starving for knowledge. This is even more true when you are in the business of science. In today’s marketing, the one who provides most engaging content and allows the customers to search and find relevant information will win the customers. Start attracting potential customers to your sales pipeline today and win the invisible sale. 

Aurexel can help you improve your value proposition and prepare your inbound marketing plan and content so that you will communicate your message clearly without sacrificing scientific integrity. We live in a world where marketing success no longer requires oversized budget, and heavy investment in outbound marketing, such as direct advertising and mass mailing. Just as trade shows are no longer paramount to success. We can help you achieve your goals with a budget you can afford and build your market leadership in the new world of marketing.

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